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For many, weight loss feels like a troublesome issue. perhaps you have tried things within the past...diets, workouts, pills, creams, something to assist get the burden off, however, it feels like, despite however arduous you are attempting, it either does not return off in any respect, or it comes right back on.

Why does one assume that is?

I believe that self-made weight loss relies on a mixture of sound nutrition principles, and regular exercise. Sounds simple, right? however, here's the catch...THIS IS simply the fundamental define FOR self-made WEIGHT LOSS. thus what is the underlying reasons? Why will it seem to be some folks simply eat no matter what they need and keep skinny as a rail, and for a few folks, despite what they fight, or however arduous they fight it, simply cannot appear to induce results?

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I've created an inventory for you containing principles, that if taken to heart, and APPLIED to your life, can turn out tremendous results. Listed here are the KEYS to losing weight, and keeping it off permanently.

Now keep in mind...I will give the data, however, it's up to YOU to require the action. within the words of Emmerson, "Good thoughts aren't any higher than sensible dreams unless they are dead." In different words, it is not enough to easily understand these weight loss secrets, you've got to use them in your life. I can't stress the importance of this one in the face of its easy step.

Rest assured, nobody goes to try and do this for you. you bought yourself to wherever you're currently, and it's YOU UN agency has the ability to show it around, and find yourself to wherever, and to who, you wish to be. however, the superb, TREMENDOUS issue regarding all of this is often that you simply DO HAVE the ability to vary. I will say that once more...YOU DO HAVE the ability TO CHANGE! understand this, perceive this, and live this, and that I GUARANTEE your success in weight loss or the other venture you select to pursue in life.



It seems as if many of us wish to shift blame for his or her current state of affairs to anyone, or something however themselves. whether or not it's finances, relationships, work, family, or health-connected, as humans we tend to generally have a bent to make external reasons for our issues. If you ever end up language, "If solely thus and then had done this otherwise, I may have..." or, " If solely I had this, I could..." or something like this, I recommend you stop and take a decent investigation the important reason why you do not have precisely what you wish in your life. Is it due to others and circumstances, or is that the real reason due to a scarcity of action, or purpose on your part?

Now, I understand this will be a troublesome issue to try and do, and that I do not mean to imply that each thing in every person's life is that the result of a scarcity of action. I perceive circumstances just like the death of a beloved, or being diagnosed with a terminal malady may be devastating events in a very person's life, and maybe entirely unrelated to a scarcity of action.

What I'm suggesting, however, is that you simply have the power to reply to each state of affairs in your life, and create the simplest of it. I am a language you've got the ability to decide on however you interpret events and circumstances in your life. If you select to be a victim, then that is precisely what you will be. If you select responsible others, or reasons for your inability to melt off, then you're NOT taking responsibility for yourself or your life, and that I guarantee you may NOT LOSE WEIGHT!

If you have ever found yourself language..." I simply haven't got the time to exercise...I don't like healthy foods...No matter what I attempt I can not melt off...It's simply in my genes to be serious," or something like this, then simply STOP!

I've got news for you, my friends. you've got the time, you simply do not like better to create it. you will like healthy foods, you simply opt for to not attempt, as a result of you wish the style of unhealthy ones. You haven't tried everything to melt off, and if you selected a wise set up, and STUCK thereto, you could and would melt off. And despite what your folks, brother, sister, kinswoman, or uncle's waistline feel like, I GUARANTEE you've got the ability to create your waistline look precisely the means you wish it to.

Step one is to prevent creating excuses and begin taking responsibility for your current physical state, and understand that you simply created this example, however additional significantly you've got the ability to vary, to make a replacement state of affairs, and also the LIFE AND BODY YOU WANT!!!

2. ascertain WHY?

pexels-pixabay-356079 (1).jpg

This is one of the foremost vital STEPS in losing weight and keeping it off....the big WHY. Why does one eat? I do not mean to offend anyone, however, I am progressing to assume that if you are overweight, you do not solely eat as a result of you are hungry, except for a range of different reasons furthermore. plenty of individuals eat as a result of they are bored, or tired, or they're simply won't to uptake after they arrive home from work, or after they watch TV at midnight, or after they leave with friends, and also the list goes on and on.

For many folks, uptake could be a deeply emotional, and psychological issue. folks contend with painful experiences in their past or gift, and with insecurities in their lives by uptake. Food as comfort. {this is|this is often|this will be} one amongst the foremost harmful patterns someone can have, and it goes in direct opposition to weight loss success.

I am not suggesting to grasp the precise reason why you eat, however, I invite you, as painful because it could also be, to essentially pay a while with yourself, and establish why it's that you simply eat, what times of day you eat, what emotions you expertise once you eat, and what emotions your expertise once you overgorge. By doing this you may unlock a door that several folks ne'er even get on the brink of. I can't stress the importance of this step. till you identify WHY you eat, you may not be ready to fix the matter.

So, step one is taking responsibility, realizing you've got the ability to vary and step two is knowing why you eat.

3. THERE are several methods...THERE are only 1 means

As you most likely understand, there's plenty of knowledge obtainable relating to diets, correct nutrition, weight loss, strength coaching, and the rest you'll ever need to grasp regarding health and fitness. Some claim low carbs...some no carbs...some say solely the correct varieties of carbs...some say meat solely...some say fruit and veggies solely, some say no farm, and a few say no FOOD! thus however does one understand that diet and exercise program is that the one for you? however does one understand that path to choose?

The answer is to teach yourself. All of those diets, to varying degrees, can turn out some reasonable success...the key for you as a health acutely aware client, involved regarding your own specific body and its specific wants, is to seek out out why each of those diets works. what's the impact of "good" carbs on the body? what's the impact of "bad" carbs? What happens, on a physiological level, if you eat no carbs, or solely carbs...I want you to grasp the importance of looking for WHY.

The truth is, that there's plenty of knowledge obtainable, and there are plenty of various ways in which to provide the results you wish and to lose the maximum amount of weight as you wish. The secret is to essentially perceive why a diet or exercise routine works. and maybe even additional vital is to decide on a program that works for YOU. One that you are feeling fits your organic process necessities supported your individual food preferences and one which can support the exercise program you opt to follow.

So keep in mind, step one is to require responsibility for yourself, step two is to grasp why you eat, and step three is to appreciate there's nobody single food or exercise combination that may turn out results. many various things have the potential to assist you to reach your goals. The secret is to grasp WHY it works, then opt for the one that's right for you.



Your diet, the food you decide to eat, maybe a crucial tread your road to weight loss success. As I explicit earlier, I feel weight loss success is achieved through a mixture of sound organic process principles and regular exercise. However, it looks like a lot of of the knowledge out there points toward a definite combination of foods, or the elimination of others, to with success melt off. I'm here to inform you, this is often not the case. you'll be skinny if you eat fewer calories than you expend. Plain and easy. however, if you are doing not fancy heart and APPLY the principles listed on top of, regardless of that "diet" you decide on, ultimately weight loss success won't be yours.

So, however, does one recognize that diet to choose? the solution is as straightforward as understanding what your goal is, and the way you propose to arrive there. does one wish to lose weight? area unit you attending to do a lot of aerobic exercises? area unit you attending to do a lot of anaerobic exercises? however, typically does one arrange an exercise? however active area unit you in your way of life outside of exercise?

Once you have got came across answers to those queries, you'll be able to begin to work out the organic process needs for you, your body, and your tastes. supported your activity levels and your goals, you ought to eat an acceptable quantity of carbohydrates, fats, and macromolecule to provide your body with decent nutrients. The secret's to settle on the healthiest foods doable that suit your tastes, which meet your needs. Diets aren't one size fits all.

Your body's main supply of energy is carbohydrates, which are available in 2 forms; straightforward and complicated. advanced area unit starches from grains and vegetables. samples of the straightforward area unit plant product, lactose, fructose, and aldohexose. regardless of which kind of macromolecule you ingest, it ALL gets regenerate to aldohexose, ordinarily spoken as glucose. the sole distinction then, between the straightforward and also the advanced carbohydrates, is that the rate at that your body digests them. How much, at what times, and which kind of macromolecule you consume ought to be supported your tastes, your activity levels, and your goals.

Protein is another essential part of a healthy diet. macromolecule will way more for the body than build muscle. Proteins within the body within the kind of enzymes, perform various functions, together with keeping your brain, heart, and systema digestorium functioning properly. a macromolecule is formed from twenty completely different amino acids, nine of that area unit thought of "essential" amino acids. Essential as a result of your body doesn't have the flexibility to manufacture these nine, it should get them from your diet. If you eat animal-based foods, chances are high that you have got nothing to stress regarding. However, if you eat a feeder diet, then you need to create a degree to eat the correct combination of foods containing plant proteins which can offer your body the nine essential amino acids. therefore what quantity macromolecule does one need? once more, like carbohydrates, the quantity you would like depends for the most part upon your goals and your activity levels.

Fats area unit is typically misunderstood. individuals pull away from high-fat foods, systematically searching for "low" or "non-fat" foods once if weight loss is that the concern, individuals ought to be way more involved regarding the calories, and also the ingredients in their food, and not simply the quantity of fat that it's. Fat tends to create individuals "fat" as a result of its therefore calorie-dense. One gram of fat has nine calories, whereas a gram of carbohydrates or macromolecule has solely four. There are unit differing kinds of fat, a number of that area unit healthy for the body, and a few that aren't. We need, on average, 15-25 grams of fat each day to produce our body with correct nutrition and to make sure we've got enough fatty acids to soak up the fat-soluble vitamins. Your body will manufacture saturated, and monounsaturated fat from alternative foods that you simply eat, however, it can't manufacture the fatty acids, or the polyunsaturated fatty acid and omega-3 fatty acid. you need to get these directly from foods that contain them. These fatty acids area unit designed into the tissues of your heart, brain, and alternative important organs, and should be replenished through your diet.

Adequate consumption of vitamins and minerals additionally plays a crucial role in healthy nutrition. rock bottom line is that there's nobody food you ought to be having, and nobody food you mustn't be having to realize weight loss success. the solution lies in understanding your body's needs, and in fulfilling them with healthy, whole foods consumed moderately. Once you establish what food is correct for you, create an idea AND continue IT!!! do not attempt it every week than attend one thing else. KNOWLEDGE, PLANNING, and CONSISTENCY area unit the keys to a successful diet strategy.



Exercise is such a crucial tool in not solely losing weight however to keep it off. this is often a result of exercise is a necessary part of a healthy manner. Regular exercise can assist you to look and feel higher. it'll increase your energy, motivation, strength, confidence, and self-image.

Besides serving to you look and feel nice, regular exercise lowers your risk for developing many completely different diseases, health conditions, and cancers. It will improve the standard of your life.

Humans were meant to move! we've got elaborately designed skeletal, muscular, metabolic process, and vas systems that give the United States of America huge potential. Our bodies, like our minds, are a unit capable of tremendous things. Humans are ready to climb thirty,000 feet to the highest of Everest. They vie in marathons, triathlons, and sporting events that draw the eye of voluminous individuals around the world. everyone is capable of nice things. one and all have huge potential. I am not speech you would like to climb a mountain or vie in a very race, however, I'm telling you that if you would like to, you'll be able to get laid. And exercise is that the key.

As so much as weight loss worries, the kind of exercise isn't as necessary because of the quantity. you only got to get out and move. Run. Walk. Swim. Bike. Skip. Jump rope. carry weights. simply GET MOVING!

Exercise can accelerate weight loss, and it'll give you the body you would like. you'll be able to melt off through applying the on top of principles to your life, however, you'll be able to solely get a powerful, toned, healthy body through regular exercise, and specifically through strength coaching. you cannot ignore, or skip this. If you would like to melt off and be healthy, and you are serious regarding it, then get serious regarding beginning an associate degree exercise program...TODAY!



To achieve weight loss success, you need to conceive of your program. once picking your specific needs and selecting a diet and exercise regime, you need to conceive to your program, and you need to commit 100%.

Know that if you've got taken the previous steps, then your success is secure if you conceive of the program. If you lose 1lb in a very week, you have got tried to yourself that you simply HAVE the flexibility to melt off. you have got chosen a path that works, and hopefully, it's one you'll be able to maintain as the way of life and one that meets your specific desires. Your ability to lose 1lb in a very week, transfers into 52lbs in a very year, and 104 lbs in 2 years, and then on and then on.

No matter what quantity weight you have got to lose, you'll be able to DO IT! however, you need to initial conceive to the program. you need to enlighten yourself, that regardless of what, you'll follow through on your commitment, and follow the trail you have got chosen till you reach your goal. conceive of your program!



This is maybe the one most vital factor a person will do to realize weight loss success. CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY! have you ever asked somebody regarding the highest 3 most vital things for business success, and detected them say "location, location, and location!" Well, for weight loss success it's "consistency, consistency, and consistency!" it is not enough to require responsibility, and to search out out why, and to settle on an idea of attack, you need to be consistent. those that area unit unsuccessful at losing weight attempt many various things over the course of the year, invariably searching for the "right" or "best" or "fastest" thanks to losing the load, and invariably ever-changing their arrange of attack. those that area unit skinny and healthy systematically do an equivalent factor and follow an equivalent arrange a day in and time out for years.

This point is therefore necessary. It's tiny changes within the wrong accumulation of dangerous habits over the years that result in weight gain for many individuals. you do not simply rouse at some point associate degree overweight, and you will not simply rouse at some point and have the body you would like. however, the great news is, the method is often reversed within the same approach it had been created. By creating tiny changes in your life, within the right accumulating sensible habits, and active them daily, you'll create progress.

The necessary factor here isn't to induce be according to your arrangement. this suggests if you leave to eat one night, and have approach too several calories, cocktails, or no matter, don't change FOR IT following DAY. Yesterday is gone, and what you would like to try and do is simply resume your traditional, daily routine, go back to the trail you have got chosen. By sterilization your path more, and creating additional changes to uptake less, or exercise additional the day once you eat an excessive amount of or miss a sweat, you'll be falling even beyond the trail of consistency. When fit, healthy individuals engorge at some point, they merely resume their traditional approach of uptake the following day. they do not penalize or starve themselves. Everything returns to traditional. Consistency is that the rule. area unit you commencing to see what I am talking about?

It's so necessary to settle on a path, however even additional necessary to remain ON IT! bear in mind, it is the accumulation of fine and healthy habits that turn out weight loss success, and also the sole thanks to accumulating is to BE CONSISTENT!



Accountability provides you with extra support on your journey toward a healthier you. this is often wherever the assistance of a friend, or knowledgeable, will encourage you, and facilitate keep you impelled once you begin to own doubts. Being command responsible to a program through another person is important to your success. till you develop correct uptake habits, and till you develop new ways in which of puzzling over yourself, food, and exercise, having another person to guide and assist you on the approach will create all the distinction between success, and failure.

Find somebody,...a coach, trainer, friend, or friend World Health Organization is committed to you, and your success. once you have got taken responsibility for yourself, determined why you eat, choose a path, determine what your organic process needs area unit, and devised an idea for each your uptake and your exercise, realize someone World Health Organization can keep you responsible to the arrange. it is a heap tougher to skip a sweat, cuckold your diet, or lose consistency if somebody is expecting you to point out up and total.

The right person to stay responsible depends on you. simply make certain it's somebody you trust, somebody with correct information regarding you and your goals, and somebody World Health Organization can give you with the correct balance of encouragement, support, and discipline you would like to realize your goals.



This is a vital part of the load loss method and one that is usually diminished or missed by standard weight loss methodology. I'm here to line the record straight for you. this can not happen long. This failed to happen all quickly, and it will not "unhappen" all quickly either.

I am sorry to interrupt this to you, however, I am positive if you have tried things within the past, unsuccessfully, to melt off, you almost certainly are setting out to perceive this...THERE IS NO SUCH issue AS a fast FIX. Programs or folks that attempt to sell you, or tell you otherwise are out for your cash, not your success.

If this is often not what you wish to listen to, I am sorry. If you do not believe Pine Tree State, that is OK too. however what number of times has you ever tried, what number completely different "fast" ways that to require the load off have you ever tried, that hasn't worked?

This is as a result of it is a method. it is a lifestyle modification. Not a fast modification in your diet, or the unforeseen elimination of one food, or the adoption of a magic one. It's regarding LEARNING the way to eat. the way to place confidence in food properly, and the way to include healthy foods and diets into your life, for your goals, and the way to try and do it in a very manner that you just will maintain over time.

Healthy, property weight loss happens at a rate of anyplace between 1-2 lbs per week. that is right. in all probability not what you needed to listen to. however, that is the TRUTH. A pound might not seem to be a lot of. however, the superb issue regarding this is often if you retain it up for a year, BE CONSISTENT within the path you have chosen for one year, which 1lb turns into 52lbs. 104lbs in 2 years. See what I am accessing here?

Accept that it takes time. you'll not see success long, however, don't let that discourage you. That 1lb you lost, if you've got applied the on top of principles, is GONE FOREVER. do not be discouraged...BE EXCTATIC at your 1lb loss! If you'll lose 1lb in a very week, then you've got simply well-tried to yourself that you just HAVE the ability to lose ANY quantity OF WEIGHT YOU WANT! notice this. perceive this. Know this. BELIEVE THIS! Be consistent, settle for a time, keep your eye on the prize, and you'll LOSE THE WEIGHT!

10. believe YOURSELF

If you have taken the previous nine principles to heart, then the ultimate issue you would like to successfully reach your weight loss goal is to BELIEVE that you just will bang. this may be troublesome, particularly if you have tried things within the past, maybe many times, and seen no results or seen the load return on.

But I need you to grasp, that if you are taking the ten principles listed here and APPLY them to your life, you CAN, you'll melt off, and keep it off. however, you would like to believe yourself. you would like to grasp, deep in your heart, that you just will bang. you have taken responsibility for your actions. you have worked out why you eat. you have chosen a path that supported your diet and exercise preferences and necessities, and you have accomplished there is nobody right thanks to melting off. you have COMMITTED to your program and committed to being CONSISTENT. you have found somebody to carry you responsible to your program, and you recognize that it'll take time to attain your goals, however, that you just will bang. Now...believe in yourself!!!

You have the power to lose the maximum amount of weight as you wish to. you'll value more highly to become the person you want! Listed here are your keys for taking weight off, and keeping it off. Your success is determined by your determination, and however, sincerely you APPLY these principles to your life.

I want you to succeed. Apply these principles to your life, and that I guarantee your success. you'll DO IT!

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Visual content opens the 'door' for serious buyers to access your back-end detailed information. Tip # 1 Creating a Title for your Visual Image Titles are a feature element of your visual content. You want them to stand out! Let's go through a couple of factors that will help you choose the best titles for your visual marketing. 1. We live in the age of people scrolling through a social media feed at record speed. An amazing title helps your visual content stand out among the "noise" in a news feed. 2. Your image has a split second to grab the attention of your audience. But your title (or main goal in the image) must speak to them as well. 3. If your audience finds the image to be pause-worthy, make sure your title keeps them even longer. If you fall short in any aspect, they will not click on your call to action and will keep scrolling to the next thing. 4. Your back-end offer will be the ultimate information that solves their problem. But the title should be crystal clear and provide a front-line answer to their question. Your image title appears everywhere. So, choosing a visual image with a strong title is critical, it will be visible in many different places. Every time you make a piece of text content, be aware that the different versions of it will show up as "title only". This is visual marketing, it is the only chance you have to grab your audience's fast-paced attention. Tip #2 Color: The Psychology of Colors in Visual Marketing ![pexels-kaboompics-com-6231.jpg]( For decades there has been a debate about color and how it relates to persuading your audience to buy. A great example in today's color marketing is a well-known, high-end, coffee retailer. They use the color green as their primary visual marketing color. When you look at a color chart you see that customers associate green with wealth and relaxation. Would you agree or disagree that this coffee shop got its marketing correct? They encourage people to stop in and relax with a $5-$8 cup of coffee. In fact, many people will tell you they cannot start their morning without a trip to this coffee house. Pretty ingenious, right? Color studies show that different colors have an impact on a customer's purchasing decisions. Marketing departments have been using this knowledge for generations. Recognize the power behind color and make conscious choices for your visual marketing. According to a B2B study, 85% of customers claim that the color of an ad was what made them buy. Please note, color alone does not induce someone to buy or not buy. But, when done correctly, color influences your products and branding. And how long a customer stays around to learn about your products. So how can you use this for your visual marketing strategy? Start with a specific color theme. The right color theme depends on your niche audience's demographics and your ultimate message. Next choose the right text, font, shapes, and photos for your social media pages. How do colors affect purchases? Many factors influence what consumers buy. Yet a large number of their decisions rely on visual cues, such as color. Your color choices must support the theme of your message. Continue to refer to a color chart to double-check that your color choice supports your message. Plus the call to action you want your customers to act on. Tip #3 Choosing the Right Font It's easy to think that your font is a simple design choice. But the truth is that font is the body language of your image. It says a lot to your reader without you even realizing it. Different fonts you choose dictate how long someone reads your article. The previous tips discussed the importance of your visual content being inviting and shareable. Did you know that the font choice you make will impact the number of shares (attention) that it receives? How? Let's take a look. Different fonts create different emotions. · Font's will encourage readers to complete your desired action · Drive decision making · Encourage them to share with their audience What is the takeaway? Consider the message you're putting out and the emotions that you want your audience to feel from it. There are 3 steps to selecting your ideal font, your choice will support or detract from your message. ![pexels-christina-morillo-1181421.jpg]( When creating your visual images, make sure that you think beyond the words that you have written. A good example here is a quote. Your goal is to select a font that matches the meaning behind the message. The goal is to think beyond the words you've written. While this sounds complicated, it isn't. 3 Steps: 1. Decide on your emotion: Are you a fun-loving brand? Or are you more serious, like an institution? You can be artsy and easy going or you can be serious and stoic. But mixing the two rarely results in a unified message. 2. Choose 3 variations: Decide on 3 fonts you feel fit your brand's message. Design your visual image 3 times using a different font each time. Walk away from the project and come back later. When you have 'fresh' eyes you will be able to immediately see what font best suits your message. 3. Nothing is worse than a font you cannot read: You have been a victim yourself right? You see a visual marketing attempt, but you cannot read the words because the font was a wrong choice. Just because you feel a font is 'pretty' does not mean the audience can digest it. As we learned in the past 2 tips, if your audience does not digest the message fast, they move on. Tip #4 Choosing Appropriate Images A study performed by Trend Reports found that 65- 85% of people say they are visual learners. Visual learners prefer to look and study as opposed to read and comprehend. Marketers need to optimize images to accommodate the majority of visual learners. Accommodate visual learners and you stand apart from competitors who only use text. When you are choosing images to tie in with your colors, titles, and fonts, you must keep relevancy in mind. Does the image you're choosing fit the audience you're choosing it for? Visual learners process information using the part of the brain associated with vision. Which is 60,000x faster than the part of the brain that processes written information. Visual learners look at your image and decide if what they are seeing matches up with what they like, etc. They use the part of the brain that tells them to stop and investigate or keep moving because it is not the right fit. When you choose images ask yourself these 3 questions "does this image fit my": · Brand · Audience Niche · Important News Feed Update If the answer is yes, your next goal is to transition your audience from the image to your call to action. Getting your audience members to complete a specific action is your main goal. With each image you create moving forward you must ask yourself: "Does this make sense for my audience to act it?" Not sure about the best interaction from your audience? Start looking at the leader in your industry. What does their visual marketing strategy look like? Find posts getting a ton of interaction and you have found a winning combination for yourself. Capture the Audience's Attention ![pexels-pixabay-265087.jpg]( Most people are completely overwhelmed in this information age. When we talk to the majority of people around us, we hear that all this data has become overwhelming. This is why the majority of people on social media skim and scan at rapid speed. The key to visual marketing is to cause skimmers and scanners to look at your post while avoiding the rest. Most visitors have lost the patience to read through consuming social media posts. They want images that grab their precious attention. Tip #5 Use Filters to Get More Likes Instagram gives more than a dozen filters to customize your photos. Gone are the days when you chose a filter because it made your picture look better. Now you choose a filter based on scientific research to make your image perform better. Again, the whole reason we are studying visual marketing, right? Once you take a photo, you can edit it by applying filters using the steps below. 1. Tap the filter you'd like to apply. 2. Tap the filter again if you want to adjust filter strength up or down using the slider. Tap the check to save your change. 3. Tap Next to add a caption and location and to share your photo. Filters make your photos feel more refined. Studies show filters plus editing results in more views, comments, and shares. We used to use filters because they made us look better. Now we understand that filters enhance our content. So what can you choose if you want to work with filters off of Instagram? There are 2 options to enhance your images without going through Instagram. 1. The Wix Image Editor If you use Wix, you can also use their image editor to enhance your pictures. Wix's image editor allows you to enhance your images while working on your site. Wix's image editor rivals Instagram in ease and options. 2. Online Photo Editing Tools Looking online you will notice that there is a good variety of image editors. These tools give you complete control over your final image feel and look. Some of the online editing tools are: · Befunky · Canva · Ribbet These are reliable photo editors, all available online and for the most part, with no or small cost. Tip #6 Graphics 1. How to Use Quotes (the creative way) for Visual Marketing Where do you fall on the social media timeline? Do you prefer the days of using social media to make friendships and build relationships? Or, are you the newer generation who loves quotes and not so funny memes of babies with grouchy faces? There is nothing wrong with whatever group you fall into. When you are surfing social media for your personal time. But, something is missing if you want to build your business only using memes or cat videos. As a visual marketer, you cannot afford to miss your goal 100% of the time posting to social media. If your images are not supporting your branding message then you are failing in business. Sure you can build up likes, shares, and comments on your latest baby meme. But ask yourself, "Does this make my audience want my product"? Let's look at graphics and how to make them resonate with your message to hit your visual marketing goal. · You have spent the better part of an hour creating an image. It is quirky, it is sarcastic and you think witty! · You post to social media and expect an outpouring of comments and questions about your business. But the quote had nothing to do with your home business. So, you hear crickets, not a single follow-up question. Sure maybe a 'like' or two. But not a single sale. So what went wrong? The question you should be asking yourself is: did my effort investment fit in my sales strategy? If your quotes do not support a larger goal on the back end (to take your call to action), then your effort failed. Be careful of creating and posting visual content without knowing why you're doing it. And how every single post fits in your sales strategy. 2. Infographics: Explain Complex Topics by Using Infographics Do you remember Tip # 4 about choosing the right image? And how we discussed your audience is 65% - 85% visual learners? This is the exact reason why infographics are so popular. And so effective! You might be dealing with an industry that has complex topics (or even boring topics). When you try and explain them in text form to your visual audience, it is not received well. Spend your time creating an infographic that delivers your complex message through an infographic. Now you have made it easy for your audience to understand. Successful parts of infographics are the 'visual pathways' that lead your audience. The end of the infographic will stop right at the invitation to learn more or any other call to action. The call to action gives the reader somewhere else to go, ideal is your own website. Your infographic goal is to create a visual pathway to lead the reader to your call to action. Distribution Map Infographics are another great example of making a boring topic fun. Here is an example: global economic productivity landscapes. Pretty boring topic right? Unless you are an economist, and in that case, my apologies! Yet, you could create a distribution map infographic using a great palette of colors. With gradations of light to dark, you can produce an effective way to display a boring topic. Another way to stand out is to present the statistics in an organized, 3-D form. Looking from a distance, the viewer engages with this arrangement because of its uniqueness. Your infographic goal: Use color gradation to illustrate abstract statistics. Conclusion: Visual marketing is a 'must-have' to attract your target audience and grow brand awareness. As you move forward, put into place these elements for your visual marketing strategy. Remember to follow up your designs with an examination of results. Make correct conclusions and then make the right modifications. [**Want some assistance in Marketing Strategy? Click here now and check out how 1000's business make million with great marketing**]( Article Source:

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